The main function of the roof of the house is to protect the building from heat, cold, rain and wind. To carry out its main function, of course, the roof must be selected from quality materials. You should also find the best roofer for installing or repairing your roof. One of the best recommended roofers is the Oshkosh roofing contractor.

Here are the latest types of minimalist roofs in terms of their ingredients:

Clay Roof Tile

Clay tile is the most popular tile community. The advantage of this tile is the price that is relatively affordable, easy to find, available in various shapes and models, strong (still safe despite being stepped on), durable (despite extremely volatile weather such as heat, cold and rain), safe against insect attacks, easy installation.

For the shortcomings of the roof tile made of clay is that if you do not coat with paint it will quickly mossy and moldy, installation requires quite a lot of wood as a frame. But you do not need to worry, there are many ways to overcome the moist and moldy walls that you can do yourself. The installation of batten wood used as a tile frame also requires accuracy so that the tile does not leak easily and the roof does not sag. The cause of leaking roof tiles can be sagging tile and not in accordance with its layout.

Concrete Roof Tile

On ordinary concrete roofs, roofing materials are printed from concrete which looks like clay tile. Concrete roof tiles are usually installed in homes for Minimalist Home Designs. There is a wide selection of models that you can choose from corrugated to flat roof tiles with a wide selection of beautiful colors. You can also trust the level of quality and durability. Resistant to weather, fire or insect attack.

The disadvantage of concrete tile roofs is that they are heavier than concrete roofs. The price is also more expensive than clay tile roofs.

Cast Concrete Roof

Cast concrete roof is often called the reinforced concrete roof. Cast concrete roofs are often selected and installed in houses that have more than one floor. In addition to terraced houses, cast concrete roofs are also often chosen in homes that have lounging rooms and clotheslines on the roof. Its sturdy shape is one of the advantages of cast concrete roofing. Another advantage is the level of durability, weather resistance, weathering and quite resistant to fire.

The disadvantage of a cast concrete roof is that if it gets older, moss, ferns and other wild plants can be possible to grow. Besides that, the cast concrete roof is quite heavy. If you are considering using this type of roof on your dream home, then what needs to be your concern is the foundation of your home. If the foundation construction has not yet begun, then you must make a chicken paw foundation so that the foundation can really support the cast concrete roof.

The reason is, if you only build a plain stretching foundation then there is a possibility that a cracked wall will occur because the foundation cannot withstand the load of the cast concrete roof. With an unbalanced weight on the concrete can be a danger of cracking the wall of the house.

Ceramic Roof Tile

Ceramic tile roofs are made of ceramic. But the main ingredient for making is clay and at the end of finishing the tile, manufacturing is given a layer of glazer coloring. Tips on Choosing Ceramic tile is to know the advantages of ceramic tile roofs, namely with a variety of color choices. The color of the tile is very beautiful with a gloss that gives the impression of a slick look

The color is long-lasting because of the manufacturing process by burning at very high temperatures. Many found ceramic tile installation on the balconies of luxury homes. Ceramic tile roofs are also stronger.

The disadvantages of ceramic tile roofs are that they are expensive, they must be locked with bolt nuts, the frame for which ceramic tiles are installed is wood and concrete. The mounting process of the batten frame also requires accuracy so that the roof leaks are avoided. The installation also takes into account the minimum slope of 30 degrees so that rainwater flows smoothly and the roof does not come off when the wind blows very hard.