There are many traditional antique as well as modern rugs available in many colour mixtures. Traditional pink Persian rugs often are predominantly rose pink and most popularly blended with other colours such as pale blue, ivory and white.

Traditional rugs generally have medallion and floral designs or geometric patterns. Today more tribal abstract pattern are available as well as the traditional styles. So even if you do not find the perfect pink Persian rug for you it is possible to have one custom made specifically to your design preferences – Having a bespoke Persian rug custom made is not as expensive as people often think. Vintage traditional rugs are very much in demand and can be very expensive depending on the age and design. Prices can range from a few thousand to a few million: The most expensive Persian rug ever sold was at Sotheby’s for thirty three million!

Budget and Style

The price depends on several factors. How many knots per inch, the skill of the craftsman as well as the materials used which includes silk and wool as well as cotton: Dyes can be natural or synthetic. For example, a Persian rug with a high knot rate takes much longer to make than one with a low knot rate. A rug with more silk and wool will be more expensive than a rug made primarily with cotton and wool.

Some of the more popular styles of rose pink rugs include:

Isfahan Rugs

These rugs are primarily made of silk and wool and the pattern is invariably symmetrical. The most typical pattern and colours tend to have an ivory background with a large rose red or blue medallion in the centre and vines spreading out from there.

Tabriz Rugs

Tabriz is the capital city of Azerbaijan, which is one of the oldest, traditional rug making centres in the world. The craftsman are highly skilled, the rugs they produce indeed artisan which means Tabriz rugs tend to be in the highest price range of all. Colours tend to be predominantly shades of red and rose-reds, having a silk and wool pile with cotton and silk warp.

Qum rugs

Qum Rugs are also among the high-end quality rugs available (also referred to as Kom, Kumm, Koum, Ghom and Qhum). They have a very tight knot which makes them hard-wearing and more expensive because they take longer to make. Red shades, with deep orange as well as dark blue are the most traditional colours. The pattern is usually quite intricate combining medallions, birds and hunting scenes.

We have an extensive choice of rugs featuring medallion, floral and geometric designs.  The definition of traditional primarily encompassing handmade rugs created in Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan as well as Pakistan, India and China. Although we do have an extensive range of traditional and modern Persian rugs available, if you do not find exactly what you are looking for commissioning a bespoke design is always an option. Of course, choices depend on budget as well as personal design choices. Even so, with such an extensive range at your fingertips we can usually find the perfect match for you.