Kitchen Cabinets are the basis of the atmosphere most people want to create in their kitchen. These faithful guardians of glassware and tableware must be made of solid wood, be practical and, above all, pleasing to the eye. Today’s kitchens occupy a much less generous space than a few years ago, especially in newer homes.

Cabinets and their configuration have followed the trend, responding to the need for an organized, functional, and elegant space. During this mutation, the necessary materials used have changed very little. But no matter what material is handled, it is the wood’s finish that distinguishes cabinets the most.

Questioning your budget?

The material and finish are the two elements that must be considered when establishing a budget for the purchase of Kitchen Cabinets. At the bottom end of the price range, melamine and polyester remain economical, sustainable choices that are ideally suited to families who need something that costs less but lasts a while. Then come polyethylene and lacquered MDF. The cost of the latter will vary according to the percentage of lacquer and its quality. Finally, solid wood, with a natural or lacquered finish, remains a high-end product and requires a higher budget.

Melamine 2.0

Forget the melamine of your childhood! Thanks to the efforts made by the kitchen cabinets store and the recent arrival of newer melamine products, people can now find options enriched with a multitude of colors and finishes that correspond to today’s trends. Solid, resistant to wear and heat, melamine remains an economical and reliable choice to consider when buying new cabinets.

Solid wood

Timeless, noble and luxurious, wood continues to reign in the kitchen. Thanks to the wide variety of species, patterns, and colors present on the market, wood brings a certain amount of natural beauty. Some species, including cherry and walnut, benefit from a UV protection that protects their original color from the aggression of the sun’s rays.

Resistant to most dings and nicks, wood requires little maintenance and can be lacquered or painted, according to the homeowner’s desires. It is essential to hire a reputable professional with years of experience to install your new cabinets. Even though this may seem like a pricey option, it will cost you even more if the cabinets are installed incorrectly. Ask the installers for a warranty no matter what. If they do not provide one, hire another professional.

Lacquer on MDF

Medium Density Fiberboard, commonly known as MDF, is like wood, making it a good alternative for an economical replacement. Highly resistant, MDF offers a smooth surface that matches the look of modern kitchens. More fragile than melamine, it has the advantage of being able to adopt the kitchen’s look to your choice of decor.

Minimal maintenance with an optimal look

Located at the heart of any home, the kitchen should be designed according to the number of activities that the kitchen will need to endure. Fortunately, most cabinet models offered by kitchen designers have good resistance to the hazards of everyday life. Some even benefit from new technologies to ensure that door edges will withstand liquid infiltration in all price ranges. Learn more at Cabinets City.